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Our Services

From a simple recheck to a full stem to stern exam, we can provide a quality opinion on any question you have about your pet’s health, welfare or behaviour…[+]

We provide the full range of small animal vaccines from puppy and kitten shots right through your pet’s life to keep him or her healthy…[+]

Routine spays and neuters, simple and complex lump removals, biopsies and general abdominal surgeries can all be performed in our dedicated and well-equipped surgical suite by our experienced doctors…[+]

Dental tartar, gingivitis, tooth root infections and bad breath are among the most common problems that we see, and they have a major impact on the health and quality of life of our patients…[+]

With our state of the art digital x-ray equipment we can acquire high resolution diagnostic images of any body part using X-ray doses that are much lower than old-fashioned film X-rays, or even some other digital systems…[+]

Our own Dr. Bratty has a special interest in diagnostic ultrasound, and can do a full or partial abdominal scan, usually on the same or the next day, to advance the diagnostic process for your furry family member…[+]

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