From a simple recheck to a full stem to stern exam, we can provide a quality opinion on any question you have about your pet’s health, welfare or behaviour. We will dedicate a full half hour to you and your pet in most cases. Second opinions are welcome. In very challenging or complex cases, we can arrange consultation with appropriate board-certified specialists either on-site at our clinic, or through referral to other hospitals in Greater Vancouver and beyond.

We provide the full range of small animal vaccines from puppy and kitten shots right through your pet’s life to keep him or her healthy. Vaccination is one of the most effective ways there is to prevent dangerous infectious diseases – diseases which in the bad old days killed millions of pet dogs and cats – but that does not mean that every available vaccine should be given willy-nilly to every pet each year. We advocate an individualized vaccination plan for each pet that considers its lifestyle and risk factors, and avoids over-vaccination. We’ll discuss this with you at each visit, keep you abreast of the latest in vaccine science and make choices for your pet in consultation with you.

Our veterinarians bring more than 20 years of experience in caring for North Vancouver’s pet population. If your pet is ill, we’ll take the time required to conduct a proper physical exam and discuss your and our concerns fully. We’ll discuss diagnostic and treatment options with you, and then put a plan in place to get your friend back on his or her paws. Many cases can be managed with medication at home. More serious cases can be admitted to our well-equipped clinic, or when really necessary referred to other centres for more critical care.

Routine spays and neuters, simple and complex lump removals, biopsies and general abdominal surgeries can all be performed in our dedicated and well-equipped surgical suite by our experienced doctors. Orthopedic surgeries such as cruciate ligament repairs can be performed on-site by a board-certified veterinary surgeon.

With our state of the art digital x-ray equipment we can acquire high resolution diagnostic images of any body part using X-ray doses that are much lower than old-fashioned film X-rays, or even some other digital systems.  These are easily shared with you, other veterinarians or specialists.

Our own Dr. Bratty has a special interest in diagnostic ultrasound, and can do a full or partial abdominal scan, usually on the same or the next day, to advance the diagnostic process for your furry family member. In cardiac cases and in abdominal cases requiring more specialized skills, we can call in a board-certified radiologist to take the greatest advantage of this powerful technology.

Dental tartar, gingivitis, tooth root infections and bad breath are among the most common problems that we see, and they have a major impact on the health and quality of life of our patients (and sometimes of their owners too). Our vets are equipped and supported by skilled technicians to carry out dental scaling, polishing, digital dental x-rays, dental freezing and extractions if needed, etc. Our patients thank us and their owners for this care on a daily basis!